Resident Testimonials
Residents of Grogan's Mill Village LOVE living in Grogan's Mill. Read on to find out why.

"Homes sit on a little bit more land, surrounded by a more natural landscape of trees and foliage on streets that invite you to explore the neighborhood. The homes seem to become one with the trees . . . forest and people living in harmony."
--Parnecia E.
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"The advantages are that we are very close to I-45, with only one red light prior to entering the freeway from our residence. The mall and grocery shopping is almost within walking distance and yet the area we live in is very quiet."
--Patricia T.
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"Grogan's Mill has to be the best location to live in The Woodlands! We're just south of the mall with all the new shops, restaurants and Waterway. Shopping here is fabulous-HEB, Randalls and Kroger are all within a 5-minute drive. We have easy access to I-45."
--Peggy E.
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"I am in Houston for business several times a month and the drive home always seems like a long one. The best thing about coming home is driving past The Woodlands sign and entering Grogan's Mill Village. I breathe a sigh of relief as I enter the tree-lined boulevard of Grogan's Mill Road. Within minutes I feel rested and happy. I am home!"
--Vicki B.
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"From the winding outdoor trails to the undeniable beauty surrounding the golf courses and neighborhood streets. And, best of all, we are just down the road from the heart of The Woodlands, Market Street, where shopping & dining go hand in hand! Not to mention the Woodlands Waterway, the Pavilion and so much more!"
--Vicki H.
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"Grogan's Mill has it all! It's the Emerald City of the woodlands. As the saying goes, 'location, location, location.' Old World charm with all the modern amenities of a major city. And it's all hidden in the woods, all within minutes of our village."
--Molly C.
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"I never grow tired of the beauty and the maturity of the landscape, on the medians, in the neighborhoods and in my own yard. And best of all, I treasure the friendships that I have made in Grogan's Mill over the last two decades. Grogan's Mill residents are fortunate because they have it all!"
--Jeanne U.
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"The houses [in Grogan's Mill Village] are all different designs, sizes, and price ranges (which makes for a nice neighborhood mixture) and most of the houses are landscaped with the forest in mind. Ahhh, but you want the city? We have that, too!! We are close to the mall, the movie theater, The Pavilion, The Waterway - we can even walk to the restaurants!"

--Martha W.
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