August 31 , 2009
Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter

August 31, 2009

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Are You in a Floodplain?
Village Assocation Roles to Change
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Are You in the new Floodplain? How you can find out and what you can do.  YOU NEED TO ACT TODAY IF YOU ARE AFFECTED 
Are you in the FLOODPLAIN? How you can find out and what you can do about it. 

The Neighborhood News section of the Chronicle on August 27th had a story describing the new floodplain map being issued by FEMA.  In the proposed new floodplain much of Grogan's Point and areas in High Oaks are shown as subject to flooding.  Some streets such as Meadow Rue, Fawn Lily, Moonvine, and South Wildwind are pretty close to the floodplain. 

Bob Leilich, a GMVA Board Member who lives in GP, along with some of his neighbors has hired a profession surveyor to show that their homes were three feet above the new floodplain levels set by FEMA, saving them from the stigma of being in a flood plain.
If you are now shown as being in the floodplain the resale value of your home will probably be impacted.  If you are near a floodplain you may have a problem. If you are in the new floodplain you will need to protest the new map, by having your own survey done,  or get flood insurance. 
If a home or business is in the flood plain most mortgage companies require flood insurance.  If you are near the flood plain it may be wise to get it anyway since coverage is not expensive and you are grandfathered  into the lower rartes. other home owners insurance does not typically cover flood damage.  If you want to find out how you home is rated you can visit  Floodsmart, enter your address in the left column and it will tell you your designated risk of flooding.  It will also give you  a list of agents who sell flood insurance and an idea of what it will cost on an annual basis.  
If you are interested in looking at the map of the flood plain, click here for all of Grogan's Mill north of Sawdust and Grogan's Point.  They are two different maps.
If you are shown as being in a low-moderate flood risk area you can get a low cost Preferred Rate  policy.  A $250,000 home can be fully insured, along with a $100,000 in contents for $326 annually.

If you are interested in purchasing insurance you can contact Mary Brunson, the State Farm Agent in the GM shopping Center at 281 367-2797 or or go to your existing home insurer.  The flood insurance is a federal program but it is administered by private insurance companies.
If you have both your homeowners insurance and flood insurance with the same organization you would have just the one claims adjuster to deal with if you had a problem. 
If you have questions please contact
Village Association Roles to Change in 2010 
The Woodlands Township adopted guidelines Aug. on the expanded role of the village associations in 2010, when the two homeowner associations -The Woodlands Community Association and The Woodlands Association - are disbanded.

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