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News from GMVA, May 9, 2008
Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter

May 9, 2008

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Farmer's Market Returns to The Woodlands at GMV Shopping Center
GMVA Scholarship Winner Announced
Upcoming Election Information
Candidates Answer Our Questions
May Yard of the Month Winner
We Need Yard of the Month Suggestions
Sound Wall Will Not Happen
Ideas for Things to Do
N-Style Specials
Pools Open this Weekend
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This Saturday go VOTE, then attend the new Farmer's Market at the Grogan's Mill shopping center.
The Board of the GMVA wishes all the mothers a Happy Mother's Day.
We are interested in your concerns and comments. Please let us know what we should do to make Grogan's Mill a more vibrant community. Send your comments to:
Pass It On: If you find this newsletter of value, please pass it on to your friends and neighbors.
Farmer's Market is Open 8am to Noon This Saturday 
2008 Spring Farmer's MarketThe Farmer's Market, has been a success so far in terms of making happy customers and in bringing people into the GM shopping center for the first time.  This weekend the farmers say they will be getting near the peak of their harvest which will last until the end of June.  The first tomatoes should be arriving.
The market runs every Saturday morning until June 28th at the Grogan's Mill shopping center from 8AM until noon. 

The Grogan's Mill center is located at the intersection of Grogan's Mill Road and South Millbend.  It has ample, free parking next to the vendors. Come and see it, you will be glad you did.
Please see our Web site for a list of vendors, their business cards, and what they plan to sell.
The Farmer's Market is being sponsored by the GMVA to provide increased exposure to all of the great merchants and services at the Grogan's Mill Village Center.  The GMV Center's location provides easy access in and out along with abundant parking.  Residents can experience the convenience of shopping and dining in The Woodlands without any parking or traffic hassles.
GMVA Scholarship Winner 
Each year, the Grogan's Mill Village Association, serving on behalf of the residents of the community, raises funds for and awards a scholarship to an outstanding local students pursuing higher education. This scholarship is intended to recognize and encourage a spirit of community involvement and good citizenship among students residing in the village.

The scholarship committee recently met and reviewed 12 worthy applicants. Committee members concurred that Nicholas Gachie is the recipient of this year's scholarship. 

Nicholas Gachie attends The Woodlands College Park High School.  He hopes to attend Baylor University or Sam Houston University and study Forensic Chemistry.  His ultimate goal is to attend medical school and become a forensic pathologist.  Nicholas has been active in school clubs such as Ineract and DECA.  He also volunteers as an assistants instructor in Taekwando at the YMCA.  He is a gold medalist and a black belt recipient in Taekwondo. He has been named Lifeguard of the year, is a Varsity football letterman, a Texas DECA District winner and a Texas Youth Government District winner.
Upcoming Elections
On May 10th the most important community elections The Woodlands has had will be held. Five people will be elected to the new Township Board. The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected for a term of three (3) years, and the two candidates receiving the next highest number of votes be elected for a term of two (2) years. 
In early voting the turnout has been disappointing and it looks as if fewer than 5,000 residents may vote. When there is a low voter turnout like this it allows small, but dedicated groups to get control of the government, make your voice heard.  Vote.
The GMVA has asked each of the candidates to state their positions on various issues relating to the community and how it is governed in the future.  These questions and answers are posted on our Web site.
Please click on the candidate's names below.  This will take you to the answers they provided to the GMVA's questions.

  1. Jeff Long
  2. Ted Stanley
  3. Tom Campbell
  4. Kenny Speight
  5. Bruce Tough
  6. George Van Horn
  7. Karen Booren
  8. Renata Tyree
  9. Nelda Luce Blair
  10. Bev Earl
  11. Joe Merrill
  12. Peggy S. Hausman
  13. Paul Martin
  14. Claude Hunter 
The Candidates Answer Questions 
The GMVA has asked each candidate the following questions.
  1. What are your qualifications for the position? Please include years lived in The Woodlands and the activities that you have participated in.
  2. What do you think are the three most important issues facing the community and what would you do about them?
  3. The at-large representation that the township has adopted, as contrasted with geographical representation, may cause some villages and more mature areas of The Woodlands be overlooked. What would you do to overcome this potential bias?
  4. What role do you see the village associations as having in the future? What level of financial support are you willing to commit to insure the continued viability of the Village Associations? If elected, do you plan on attending Village Association meetings and supporting the involvement of Village Association representation to The Township Board?
  5. Should The Woodlands incorporate or should we remain as a Township? Why?

We have summarized each candidate's answers, but please go to the GMVA Web site to read more in depth.

Jeff Long
  1. local government
  2. improve traffic, taking care of older neighborhoods, carefully manage our resources
  3. Our Board is in the process of taking a proactive approach to ensure that the voices of each of the Village Associations are not overlooked
  4. support financially, attend community events as needed
  5. the decision for incorporation must be left to the voters within The Woodlands
Ted Stanley
  1. local government
  2. safety of our residents, growth that is harmonious with residents and businesses and the surety of independence of The Woodlands
  3. I will represent all of The Woodlands
  4. will continue to play a very vital role in the future, continue financial support, I will schedule as many meetings as I can
  5. The residents will decide the future government of The Woodlands.
Tom Campbell
  1. local government
  2. governance by residents, budget and correct property tax, security
  3. will not overlook any resident
  4. role should not change, will continue financial support, will attend village meetings
  5. study incorporation, supports election for residents to decide
Kenny Speight
  1. local government
  2. seamless transistion, maintain quality services, security
  3. residents will not allow that to happen
  4. role should not change, will continue financial support, will attend as many village meetings as possible
  5. study many options
Bruce Tough
  1. local government
  2. more than three, please see Web site
  3. at-large representation benefits all with no bias
  4. role will become even more important, have attended village meetings in the past
  5. support having an incorporation election
George Van Horn
  1. local government
  2. Protecting our property values, Managing change, Responsible development
  3. the people will have a voice
  4. will have a larger voice, will continue financial support, will attend as many village meetings as possible
  5. study, we need to vote on our future form of government at the earliest opportunity 
Karen Booren
  1. local government, former teacher
  2. Transition of Services, Resident Input, covenant and law enforcement
  3. seek equality of the residents first, then improve services
  4. will provide valuable input, will continue financial support, will attend village meetings
  5. support the process that would allow the residents to make the decision
Renata Tyree
  1. business experience, local organizations
  2. Balance, Transition, Controlled Urban Expansion
  3. My vision is that if I don't take care of another village other than my own, I will be there in no time at all.
  4. The board should take a visionary role and the villages should follow in the day-to-day role.  Plans on attending village meetings
  5. The voters will ultimately need to make that decision.
Nelda Luce Blair
  1. community organizations, charities and neighborhood groups
  2. future governance, continuing to prosper as a community, public safety
  3. will overcome any fears of bias and oversight
  4. are an essential level of leadership, all community leaders should attend other meetings
  5. decision is completely up to the resident voters
Bev Earl
  1. served on many nonprofit boards and organizations
  2. Continued secured delivery of resident services, public safety, transportation and continued economic development
  3. I do not see a bias developing towards any of the villages
  4. support the villages' role in the future, will attend village meetings
  5. study incorporation, residents are the ones who will decide
Joe Merrill
Peggy S. Hausman
  1. local government
  2. Law Enforcement, Community Services, Quality of Life
  3. The new board needs to look at all budgets and services and equalize them fairly throughout the community.
  4. Each director should be assigned to three villages every six months.
  5. a vote needs to be given to the people on whether they want to incorporate or not
Paul Martin
  1. served many nonprofits
  2. seamless transition, meeting of homeowner and business needs, planning for 2014
  3. does not have to create any bias
  4. Village Associations are vital, support funding, will attend village meetings
  5. I believe The Woodlands Township should consider incorporation as a city as soon as possible after 2014
Claude Hunter
  1. local government
  2. Seamless Governance Transition, Taxes and assessments, Primary issues defined in the last survey of residents
  3. at-large system was adopted and approved by Township voters
  4. role of the Village Associations should not be significantly affected, support financially, will attend as many village meetings as possible
  5. Residents of The Woodlands should make that decision at the ballot box.
May Yard of the Month Winner Announced 
May 2008 Yard of the MonthThe GMVA has selected the home of Valerie Silva who lives on Laughing Brook Court as the May 2008 Yard Of The Month.  Here, Ms. Silva receives a gift certificate to the Grogan's Mill Shopping Center from Jim Upham (left) and Franklin Palmer (right).
She writes about her yard:
I have lived in the High Oaks neighborhood for sixteen years. When landscaping I made sure I picked plants and ground covers which could take the extreme Texas heat and droughts.The large bushes in the front are red tip photinia and provide not only shade from the heat of the evening sun, but privacy as well. The extensive creeping jasmine ground cover keeps the soil from eroding and retains moisture for the beds surrounding the house. 
I have extended the mulch beds over the years.  This makes the yard not only easier to maintain, but also cuts down on watering. I have used rocks from the Hill Country to further enhance the landscaping and river stone to help with drainage. I have beautiful orange lilies and purple Mexican heather that provide color several times a year.
I take great pride in my yard and love working in it. Whenever I am out in the yard I always have someone stop and comment about how nice it looks, so all the sore muscles and hard work over the years has all been worth it. 

This is a very big honor for me.
Yard of the Month Suggestions 
If you have recommendations for a home to be nominated as having a beautiful yard and possible yard of the month winner (with a $25 gift certificate) please let us know through the suggestions section of our Web site or by contacting Franklin Palmer.
Sound Wall Will Not Happen
TxDOT has ruled that the project to place a sound wall adjacent to I-45 along North Deerfoot Circle doesn't meet the Federal Highway Administration cost guidelines of $25,000 per home.  The GMVA has been working to get this built for four years and it has been the subject of bureaucratic and other delays. We are sorry that it will not happen.
Things to Do
Do you need some ideas of fun things to do around The Woodlands?  Do you have company coming to town and want to show them the best of The Woodlands?  Check out the Upcoming Events page on the GMVA Web site.  It has plenty of ideas for fun.
If you have an event that you would like mentioned on the Upcoming Events page, please contact
N-Style Salon May Specials and Events
$10.00 off COLOR and HAIRCUT (retouch) includes blowdry
UPDO'S start @ $55.00 (weddings, proms, homecoming or that special night on the town)
MEN'S CAP HIGHTLIGHT $25.00 w/o cut - $40.00 with haircut
$20.00 MEN'S OR WOMEN'S HAIRCUT (shampoo, razor, style - extra) 
SHIVA Products 20% off
Announcing FLAT IRONS reg. price $84.00
N-Style will be OPEN at 8:00am during the famer's market season on Saturdays! Starting April 12th. 
MAY 12, will be our 2nd ANNIVERSAY! We have postponed the "Party" until Saturday, June 7, 2008 due to conflicting schedules. Make plans on coming by and celebrating with us! 
See the GMVA Web site all the specials.
Pools Open This Weekend
The Woodlands community pools will open for preseason use on Saturday, May 10. Select pools will be open for those who want to get a jump on beating the heat. Regular pool season hours begin Friday, June 6.
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