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August 21, 2007

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TCID Name Change to the Woodlands Township. Is this in the community's interest?
Attend a Public Hearing about what is happening in the new township, make your opinion known.
Sound Wall - it's still moving forward
Farmer's Market is Moving to GM Shopping Center
Wal-Mart Updates
We Want Your NNO Picutres
GM Crime Statistics
West Nile Virus
New Road Construction
Animal Shelter Garage and Bake Sale
Community Flea Market in October
Things to do This Weekend
N Style Salon Specials
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The Woodlands Township
TCID board members approved of the name change to The Woodlands Township during the district's recent regular meeting. A map showing the new boundaries is on our Web site.  Several areas, including some in Harris county have been included which were not in the original proposals and we are asking questions about what is happening at the meeting on August 29th that all of you are invited to.  Also included are areas along Sawdust Road including the new Wal-Mart site.  There are a lot of other questions that we will be asking.  If you have questions you want to answered please send your questions to
Peggy Hausman, a board director who represents The Woodlands Community Association, said the term's governmental-standing in other states might give people the "wrong impression" about The Woodlands, which will not become a city until residents vote for incorporation sometime after 2014.
Before voters can vote in the November elections they must register to vote.  This will be an official governmental election, unlike the elections for the WCA and village associations.  Registration must take place by October 9th.  You can get information on your registration and where to vote at  Most of us will vote at Wilkerson Intermediate school.

The Woodlands Decides E-Newsletter, first edition, is scheduled to go out on Tuesday.  If you would like to sign up to receive it, please visit, and click the sign-up link at the bottom of the page.

Public Hearing About TCID Name Change
Board of Directors of Town Center Improvement District of Montgomery County, Texas will have a public hearing about the proposed name change to The Woodlands Township.  The hearing will be Wednesday, August 29, 2007, at 9:00 o'clock a.m., at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott� Hotel & Convention Center.
You can read more about this hearning and the documentation associated with it on the Grogan's Mill Web site.
Sound Wall Updates 
Two weeks ago the utility companies marked their lines along the homes on Deerfoot Circle. During the marking some lines were found under the location of the proposed sound wall. 
This was discussed at the WCA meeting on August 8th, it was stated by the staff that it would cost $75,000 to move the utility lines and that the WCA would have to pay for them. Cheryl Tangen proposed that we bring back the consultant to look over the cost and see if we can find a phased way in going about this.  A big thank you to Cheryl Tangen, Tom Campbell, and Deborah Sargeant for their continued strong support at the WCA level.  Also, many thanks to Jim Upham for overseeing this issue for the GMVA.
Miles McKinney of the WCSC, Tom Campbell and Jim Upham, both GM residents, met with TxDOT today and received pledges from the agency that they were still prepared to move forward.  The next step will be getting signed releases from homeowners allowing the wall to be build.
Contact Jim Upham if you have questions at JUPHAM@HOUSTON.RR.COM.
Farmer's Market at GM Shopping Center 
The Farmer's Market is moving from from Market Street to the GM shopping center.  It will be sponsored by the GMVA and will start on September 22nd.  It will be held in the upper half of the large parking lot.  We will keep you informed of times and places in future newsletters.  Please tell your friends about it.  
If you would like to apply to be a vendor at the Farmer's Market, please see our Web site for an application.
Wal-Mart Updates
Construction is well underway and ahead of schedule according to the construction supervisor. 
Dan Avalos is the GMVA Board Member who is coordinating with Wal-mart.  Contact him at  or call at 832-885-5290.
We will continue to monitor this situation and keep you informed.
We Want Your National Night Out Pictures
Over 200 residents (and some non-residents) came out for the National Night Out party at Sawmill Park.
Pictured here are Dana Denton (with mousepad) and Deborah Sargeant manning the GMVA table at Sawmill Park.
Send us pictures of your National Night Out fun because we would like to put them on the GMVA Web site.
Send your pictures to
GM Crime Statistics Reported
Corporal Judd Russell attended the GMVA's monthly meeting on August 20th.  He explained the new organization of the community policing effort and reviewed the July crime statistics.  There were 610 dispatch calls from Grogan's Mill in July.  Each call requires a response.  The biggest problem in the community is false alarms from home security systems. There were 85 of these calls in July.  Over 95% of these are false.  Other common calls are for barking dogs: the police can do nothing unless the noise level of the dogs is over 85 decibels. (This is very loud and most police cruisers don't carry noise measurement equipment.) Other common calls, that create problems, include calls about suspicious persons of a particular race or ethnicity who are doing very normal things like jogging. 
There were five felony arrests in the community. Most were associated with burglaries in the Acorn Oak area.  Three homes were broken into, but due to an alert neighbor who observed what was happening, the police were called and apprehended three suspects, one of whom has confessed.
Corporal Russell recommends that we all keep a record of items that are valuable such as computers, electronic equipment and anything with a serial number so they have a make and model to track. For items that don't have a number you can scratch one or borrow an engraver from the WCSC and etch one in.   A combination of your initials and parts of your SSN or drivers license number can then be kept and entered into their files. This makes it much more likely that your stolen items will be found and given back to you. 
There were 21 traffic accidents in July mostly at intersections.  A number of motor vehicles were burglarized will in driveways, most had been left unlocked.
We appreciate Corporal Russell attending the GMVA meeting to report these statistics. We have asked a representative of the Sheriff's Department to come to all our meetings.
West Nile Virus
We do have pools of West Nile Virus infected mosquitoes in Montgomery County. Not many mosquitoes carry the virus and not all people get very sick if bitten.  However, it is best to take precautions and wear a DEET repellant and long sleeves.  This is particularly important at dawn and dusk.
New Road Construction
New traffic signals are being installed on Grogan's Mill Road in the area north of Woodlands Parkway. Research Forest will be expanded from four to six lanes over the next year from I-45 to Bear Branch.
Montgomery County Animal Shelter Garage and Bake Sale 
August 25th from 10am - 4pm at Montgomery County Animal Shelter located on HWY 242, Conroe. 
Please donate any gently used items you have before the date or bring or buy a cake on the date.  Come shop with us and help save a dog or cat today.  All proceeds from this event go to the dogs and cats in the MCAS adoption/foster program.  These funds help with providing food, health care, toys, bedding, or any other needs.  By donating or purchasing an item you are helping to give a dog or cat a second chance at life. 
For more information contact Belinda Ross at 936-520-1604 or MCAS main switchboard 936-442-7768.  To check out the many available dogs and cats go to
Flea Market Anyone?
The Woodlands Community Flea Market will be held in the Town Center Garage on October 27th from 7am-10am.  We will have more information soon on how you can sell your things.
Things to do This Weekend
Go to a play...
Town Center Theatre, The Woodlands' first professional theater company, will be presenting the regional premiere of Richard Greenberg's riveting drama Night and Her Stars at Bock Auditorium in The Woodlands Aug. 24 - Sept. 15, 2007. 

The play is the second in Town Center Theatre's inaugural season, following the acclaimed musical Quilters. Night and Her Stars is based on true-life events surrounding the legendary Congress inquiry into the quiz show scandals of the 1950s. Herbert Stempel is the first big winner of the quiz show 21 and one of television's earliest stars. He eventually, however, takes a dive for the scandal's more famous victor, Charles Van Doren. Orchestrated by 21's producer Dan Enright - a television incarnate, as well as an abstract force of evil who persuades both Stempel and Van Doren to cheat - we witness both contestants' inevitable fall from grace and their subsequent struggle for redemption.
Or go swimming...
The Grogan's Mill Swimming Pool in Sawmill Park will be open through September on weekends from noon to six Saturdays and from 1PM to 6PM Sundays.
N Style Salon Has Summer Specials
N Style Salon, 7 Switchbud Pl. #189, The Woodlands, TX.
Grogans Mill Village Shopping Center
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