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April 25, 2007

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Home Values Increase
Astros Game
Yard of the Month
Cul-de-sac Medians
Wal-Mart Updates
Sound Wall Updates
The Country Club has been Sold
GMVA Awards Three Scholarships
Alligator Warning
Mail Problems
DSC Needs Engineer
Local Scout Needs Flags
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Home Values in Grogan's Mill Increase

Source: Houston Chronicle April 19, 2007

The value of homes, measured in price per square foot rose by 6.3% in 2006 according to an article in the Chronicle. The new homes percentage is higher than might be expected and that is because the homes on Riva Row and in East Shore are in Grogan's Mill. These new homes have also impacted the percentage increase in price per square foot.

As The Woodlands builds out, and most of the property in Montgomery county is now finished  or under construction,  we expect that the values in GM will start increasing faster than other areas. We do have the three things important in real estate; location, location, location.  We are already beginning to see some tear downs with new construction of bigger homes.

Home Values in GM rose 6.3% in 2006,


Median Price

Sq Foot 2006

% chg

06 -05





No. of


5 New


Grogan's Mill







Alden Bridge







Cochran's Crossing







Panther Creek







Indian Springs







Go to an Astros Game and Leave the Driving to Us
The village will again sponsor a trip to the Astro's vs. Mets game on July 7th.  Tickets will be $11 and the Village Association will provide free bus transportation to and from the game.  For tickets call Joe Giovanniello 281-363-2698.  As a bonus we received another eleven seats to the Braves game on September 29th.  We are looking for ways to give these seats away that will support the community.  If you have suggestions for how to do this let us know.
Yard of the Month Nominations
The Grogan's Mill Village Association would like to show its appreciation to those homeowners who love and take care of their homes.
Please note that only front and side yards visible from the street can be eligible. A committee of the GMVA Board will look at nominated homes and select the winners. Each month's winner will get a $25 gift certificate to a store of their choice in the Grogan's Mill Shopping Center
If you would like to nominate a home for Yard of the Month, please see our Web site for information. 
Cul-de-sac Medians 
The GMVA has had some questions about the grassy areas on most cul-de-sac streets.  With the exception of what are known as jumbo medians which are taken care of by the Community Association it is the responsibility of the residents to maintain the medians on almost all our streets.  We would like to provide incentives, either by a contest or by providing some funding for a project to improve the medians.  Please let us have your thoughts on how this can be done.  If your street plans to improve your median, please let the GMVA know.  We would like to also showcase the improvements on our Web site.
Wal-Mart Updates and Complaints
The GMVA and Wal-Mart will hold an open meeting on Tuesday, May 16th, at 2:30 in the afternoon. The meeting will be held at the site and we will meet in the driveway.  Wal-Mart will have their Community Relations Director, engineers and architects on hand to answer questions.  This meeting is open to residents of Dreamweaver and Wind Whisper and others who are directly affected.  County and school board member have also been invited. If you would like to attend, or if you can't attend but have questions you would like us to ask, please let us know at
There have been questions raised by residents that there has been burning at the site which is causing soot to fall on local home. We contacted the Montgomery County Environmental Services Department and the Assistant Director visited the site at our request to examine the situation. Wal-Mart does have a burning permit for stumps and other natural material, not rubble, and has been burning it in a trench. According to Mr. Moore they are burning only what is allowed, during the daylight hours, when they are allowed to do it.  They are not allowed to burn when the wind is over 12 miles per hour and should stop feeding any fires an hour before sunset.

We have also asked them to explain why construction is starting as early as 5:30 AM.

We will continue to monitor this situation and if you have concerns please contact us through the GMVA Web site. Dan Avalos is the Board member who is working directly with Wal-Mart.

Sound Wall Updates 

TxDOT is working on the assumption that a noise wall will be built from 82 to 124 N. Deerfoot.  We are still working to determine some of the finer details such as who has liability if a problem occurs with the wall.

If you have questions Jim Upham is the local coordinator for this effort.
The Country Club has been Sold

The Woodlands Country Club with its three private golf courses and clubhouses, as well as two public golf courses, are being sold to a company from the Atlanta area.

The Woodlands Development Co. announced Friday that it has signed contracts to sell The Woodlands Country Club, which includes the private Palmer, East and Players courses, along with the public Oaks and Panther Trail courses to Sequoia/Canongate Golf LLC of Atlanta. The closing on the sale is likely to occur in 60 days, said Bill Langley, managing director of The Clubs of The Woodlands.

Included in the deal are the golf courses, clubhouses, maintenance facilities, the Golf Hall of Fame building, golf pro shop, locker rooms, Spartilo restaurant, and tennis facilities at The Woodlands County Club.

The WAC apparently is not part of this sale.

GMVA Awards Three Scholarships

GMVA awardeds three $1,000 scholarships to residents.  A dozen residents applied for GM scholarships this year. They were all very deserving but we based our decision on financial need, academic achievement and community involvement.

Amy Marie Leggat

Amy is the mother of two and had decided it was time to finish her degree in Early Education.  She wants to be an English teacher. She has been attending Montgomery College to get that degree and has a 4.0 average.  She has been active in fund raising for the Children's Miracle network and is a soccer coach for YMCA for boys 3-4 years old.

Paul Hammond

Paul is a student at TWHS and has been accepted at UTSA.  He wants to major in Education or Radio/Television/Film.  He has been active in his church's community activities and was a squad leader in the TWHS Band, which placed first in class.

Jessica Fluke

Jessica attends College Park HS and has applied to A&M and Baylor.  Her goal is to become a small animal veterinarian.  She has been part of the Campus Watch Program, Interact and other community activities. She has been well within the top ten perecent of her class for all four years of high school.

Alligator Warning
Residents have reported seeing an alligator along the Nature Path between Grogan's Mill and Panther Creek.  The alligator apparently has been on the golf course for years but has moved closer to the path, near the 16th green on the Panther Trails course.  We have asked the Community Association to put up a sign warning people about the alligator.  We polled the GMVA board and all thought that the animal should be allowed to stay, with a warning indicating that this is an "Alligator Habitat".
Mail Problems
Many residents are complaining about the deterioration in mail service, both at the post office and in home delivery.  For example many ads are being delivered after their effective dates.  We are told that the post office is not hiring staff, that carriers are doing double routes and that there are problems with the North Houston office.  We are looking into the problems and if we get answers we will let you know.
DSC Needs a Professional Engineer
The Design Standards Committee is looking for a new member who has qualifications as a professional engineer.   If you are interested please contact Deborah Sargeant at
Local Scout Needs Flags for Eagle Scout Project 
Benjamin Smart, of Troop 204, plans to educate our community on the correct way to retire worn American flags for his Eagle project. In order to do this he will retire flags during the 4th of July Market Street Red, White & Blue Celebration. Flags are being collected at the First National Bank located in the Sterling Ridge shopping center. His goal is to collect 500 worn, faded and tattered flags to retire this coming July 4th.
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