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Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter January 23, 2007
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-- Woodlands Elections
-- Odor on North Millbend
-- 2007 Mosquito Control Program
-- Update on the New Wal-Mart
-- Lake Wyndemere Apartments
-- Glen Mill Noise Wall
-- Scout Connor Field Given $50 Award for Beautifying the Post Office
-- Grogan's Point Spring Fever Fun Run/Walk Saturday March 3, 2007


The Board of the GMVA urges you to vote in the upcoming Community Elections.

We are interested in your concerns and comments. Please let us know what we should do to make Grogan's Mill a more vibrant community. Send your comments to:

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Woodlands Elections
Get out and vote, these elections affect your daily life in The Woodlands.

Elections for the WCA, GMVA and RDRC start with convenience voting on February 5 at the Community Associations Building. Election Day is February 17 at Fire Station No. 3, 1522 Sawdust Road.

You can view candidates statements on our Web site.

More on the Elections...

Odor on North Millbend
At our meeting last Monday Carol LeFevere asked about the continuing odor on North Millbend near Crossvine. Tom Campbell followed up on her request and talked with Mr. Don Sarich, Woodlands Division Manager for the San Jacinto River authority (SJRA) and received the following information. The SJRA operates the waste water treatment system including the large piping mains to the treatment system.

Your system on Crossvine is one of the older systems in The Woodlands. The older metal systems are being repaired by cleaning the piping and lining it with a plastic liner. This smoother lining allows the gravity flow of the waste to move faster. For some unknown reason, this faster flow causes the turbulence at the manholes to release odors. The SJRA has tried to stop the odor release by installing an activated carbon cover on the manholes. While this normally stops the odor, it has not done the job in this case. The SJRA is continuing to work to eliminate the odor. Mr. Sarich says the odor release diminishes or goes away after some time has passed.

2007 Mosquito Control Program
A number of people have complained about mosquitoes for the past few months. We contacted Lynne Aldrich, Environmental Manger for The Woodlands. Her detailed answer is on our Web site under Articles.


Update on the New Wal-Mart
GMV Board member Dan Avalos has been in contact with Mark Stevens in Wal-Mart's Real Estate Division. He reported to the GMVA last week the following items:

-No truth to these rumors, the church is still in the process of moving out, their last agreed upon day of the lease is Feb 15th, therefore no construction will commence until after that date.

-Study came back with no major modifications, everything checks out & we will be provided with a copy of the most recent study if we need, however there are no major changes. This will be posted on the GMVA Web site when received.

-One change has been made to the S.E corner of the site in regards to the greenbelt by the ball field, additional landscaping will be added to allow for a more scenic greenbelt in an attempt to minimize the visual & audio effects to this area.
-As for the green belt, officially it is to remain 100 feet; however there are some areas that appear to be wider in variance. This does not affect the green belt and is not technically part of it.

-No definite commitments, however with Woodforest having their management offices just across the street from the site Woodforest Bank is at the top of the list.


Lake Wyndemere Apartments
At its meeting on January 15th, the GM Board agreed that it should get involved with the construction of the new apartments on Sawdust Road near Grogan's Point. Articles about the development and information on it will be posted on the GMVA Web site.

Glen Mill Noise Wall
Two residents along Deerfoot have still not responded to TxDOT. Board member Jim Upham is trying to contact them to get an answer. If they say they would like it we will probably get the wall along the part of North Deerfoot that backs up on I- 45.

Scout Connor Field Given $50 Award for Beautifying the Post Office
Boy Scout Connor Field was given a $50 check by GM treasurer Joe Giovanniello at the January meeting of the GMVA. Connor who is a member, of the troop at the United Methodist Church, did the beautification as his Eagle Scout poject, a level he has now attained. Thanks Connor.


Grogan's Point Spring Fever Fun Run/Walk Saturday March 3, 2007
This will be the first of a planned yearly event with all proceeds going to support the Montgomery County Youth Services. In addition to free prizes and lunch there will be entertainment with Will Makar. Anne Smith (right) is the race director. Please go to Grogan's Point's Web site for more information on registration.

Children's 1 Mile Run @ 8:00 AM (Cost: $4 to $8, depending on when you register) 5K Fun Run/Walk @ 8:30 AM (Cost: $18 to $25, depending on when you register) Register by February 15th for the discount.

This is a flat certified 3.1 mile course and a chip timed event benefiting Montgomery County Youth Services. Each mile is marked and times are called out with the start & finish at Grogan's Point Park.

Registration Information

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