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Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter January 9, 2007
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-- Holiday Spirit Awards
-- The Woodlands Elections
-- GMVA Meetings
-- Volunteers Needed for Flea Market
-- GMVA Volunteer of the Year
-- New Apartments on Sawdust Road - Lake Wyndemere Apartments
-- The GM shopping Center Unveils Web Site
-- Glen Mill Noise Wall
-- Sewer Relining on North Millbend
-- Be Aware of Potential Carbon Monoxide Dangers


The Board of the GMVA hopes that you all had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

We are interested in your concerns and comments. Please let us know what we should do to make Grogan's Mill a more vibrant community. Send your comments to:

Pass It On: If you find this newsletter of value, please pass it on to your friends and neighbors.

Holiday Spirit Awards
The winner of the Holiday Lighting Award was Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sickafoose at 54 Eagle Court (just south of S Millbend off Cokeberry), the neighborhood award went to Star Violet which is off North Millbend between Many Pines and Six Pines.

The street was given a $50 gift certificate, and the home a $25 gift certificate both to be used at the GM shopping center.

The GM shopping center had a decoration contest this year. The winner was Nina Carlson's N'Style hair salon, with second place going to Nick Ransford and the Beverage Shoppe. The stores in the shopping center look forward to the decoration contest again next year.

The Woodlands Elections
Election Day is February 17th with convenience voting beginning on February 5th at the Community Associations offices, 2201 Lake Woodlands Drive. You will be able to vote for three Directors for the WCA, seven members of the GM Village Association, and five members of the GM RDRC. If you are interested in running you must file by January 18th, the form is simple and can be pulled online from here. Candidate's statements will be available on the GMV Web site. The people who you elect to these organizations have a direct impact on your life in The Woodlands, get to know them and please vote.

The January issue of the Community Magazine explains what the responsibilities are for various positions, we encourage you to participate by voting or by running for election.

Election Information

GMVA Meetings
The GMVA meets monthly on the third Monday at 7PM in the Community Association Building on Lake Woodlands Drive. Please visit one of our meetings to see what happens. Our next meeting is Monday, January 15th.

The GMVA will be having its annual planning meeting at the Marriott on a Saturday in March, if you would like to attend, you can find the agenda on our Web site. This were we set our budget and priorities.

GMVA Meeting Agenda

Volunteers Needed for Flea Market
The spring flea market will be held in April. A large part of our funding comes from the money we received for volunteering to help run it. The money from this is used to fund our scholarships for GM students. Please consider volunteering. It can be a lot of fun!

GMVA Volunteer of the Year
Bruce Cunningham was given the Volunteer of the Year award by the GMVA. We all appreciate the time and effort that Bruce has put into our community.

New Apartments on Sawdust Road - Lake Wyndemere Apartments
Some of you have asked about the sign on Sawdust Road, between Grogan's Point Road and S. Millbend, announcing a public hearing on January 18th in Houston regarding a re-platting of this property. There is a new apartment complex planned for this site which we understand to be about 360 units. The reason for the hearing is that the land is in Houston's ETJ and had been zoned for single family homes. It will be a pro-forma meeting from what we understand. There are no hearings planned for Montgomery County.

The GM shopping Center Unveils Web Site
The GM shopping center has developed a new Web site at The Webmaster, Nick Ransford, invites you to stop in and take a look.

Glen Mill Noise Wall
TxDOT is still waiting to hear from a couple of people before deciding if they will build a shortened noise wall. Most of the homes from 82 Deerfoot to 136 Deerfoot have indicated that they would like the wall. We will keep you posted.

Sewer Relining on North Millbend
For most of December their was a less than pleasant odor on North Millbend near Crossvine. It was caused by the relining of the sanitary sewer by the San Jacinto River Authority, which are told has been finished.

Be Aware of Potential Carbon Monoxide Dangers
In the U.S., an estimated 15,000-40,000 people (not including fire victims) are treated for CO poisoning each year, and approximately 500 die. The single most common source of exposure: faulty furnaces.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas found in combustion fumes such as those produced by cars, trucks, stoves, gas ranges, and heating systems. It can build up inside enclosed or semi- enclosed spaces such as homes and garages and people and animals can become ill or die by breathing it. It is no surprise then that more carbon monoxide exposures and poisonings occur during the fall and winter months. But there is plenty you can do to reduce the risk. To find out details and how to protect yourself and your family visit our Web site.


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