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Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter September 26, 2006
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-- Saving the WAC
-- Community Members Attend a Great Astros Game
-- Adopt-A-Path Program Starts
-- Wal-Mart
-- GM Shopping Center
-- Glen Mill Noise Wall
-- Progress on Woodlands Governace
-- Need Volunteers for the Flea Market
-- GM Resident Presented Scholarship
-- Flu and Pneumonia Shots at Randalls During October
-- Meet Martin Dunaway, Manager of Randalls
-- Increase Your Mosquito IQ
-- Wine Tasting at The Beverage Shoppe


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Saving the WAC
We have been having meetings with the Woodlands Swim team and Diving team to coordinate an approach for saving the WAC. We are developing a plan that would call for the addition of some new housing in the vicinity of the WAC. As of last week The Development Company told us they had not developed any specific plans for the area. We are somewhat encouraged by what is happening.


Community Members Attend a Great Astros Game
52 GM residents attended the Astros game against the St. Louis Cardinals this past Saturday. We traveled to the game in a bus chartered by the GMVA which dropped us off at the front door.

It was a great game that moved back and forth until the bottom of the ninth inning when Luke Scott hit a three-run homer to finish the game at 7-4.

Adopt-A-Path Program Starts
Pathway Cleanup Members of the GMVA board did their first clean-up of the path from the TPC to North Millbend this past Sunday. This is one of our programs to help the community to look better.

We adjourned to Beck's Prime afterwards for burgers; one of the group brought a pitcher of margaritas, which we enjoyed while sitting on the benches by the lake. Good exercise and a pleasant evening together.

If you would like to participate in our next walk please let us know so we will have enough libations.

More About the Adopt-A-Path Program

Wal-Mart has started looking for employees to staff their new store on Sawdust. It would appear that they will open in late 2007 or early 2008.

GM Shopping Center
Richard Sharman, a business professor at Montgomery College, and a GM resident is putting together a group of students who will work on developing a marketing plan for the GM shopping center and any individual stores that want some assistance.

We will be having a focus group meeting in the next week in order to identify the students who will participate and define what we are going to do.

Glen Mill Noise Wall
TxDOT is looking for a site for a meeting with Glen Mill residents. At the meeting the homeowners will be surveyed about their desire to have a noise wall constructed along I-45.

Progress on Woodlands Governace
The Governance Steering Committee (GSC) sponsored a community forum at College Park High School this past Saturday. The subject was to discuss what type of governance we want in the community. The choices have been narrowed to two. The options are incorporation as a city or becoming a Public Service District (PSD).

Four hundred residents attended. After some initial remarks we broke up into 20 groups and discussed the options for two hours. Each group appointed a spokesperson and then reported back to the full group. One of the things we did was to calculate the additional cost to us as homeowners of becoming a city versus a PSD. For most attendees the added cost came in at around $1,000 a year. There was not much concern about the additional cost. It was virtually unanimous that residents want to incorporate; perhaps a third said they thought that becoming a PSD first would be the best alternative.

Of those groups who discussed the issue, a majority wanted the ability to have a referendum on which of the two choices should be made. The GSC is proposing that they decide which option is chosen and then give the community a vote on approving or disapproving that option.

After the formal meeting a citizens group headed by Ed Bingham held a meeting to "Know the Truth". His message is that the economist hired by the GSC has said that the cost difference between a PSD and a city are so small there is no difference, that a PSD can be annexed, and that PSD's have no power to pass ordinances that effect the quality of life.

Governance Web site

Need Volunteers for the Flea Market
The GMVA needs volunteers to help at the flea market on September 30th. We receive money for this effort which supports our scholarship gifts and other activities.

GM Resident Presented Scholarship
Mary Ellen Ellsworth Mary Ellen Ellsworth was presented with a $1,000 scholarship at the GMVA meeting in August. She is shown here with GMVA Vice President Dana Denton. Mary Ellen will attend Washington University in St Louis.

Flu and Pneumonia Shots at Randalls During October
You will be able to get flu and pneumonia shots on October 27th from 9am to 2pm. The Panther Creek store will have them on October 18th and the College Park store on the 21st from 9am to 2pm. Medicare will be accepted for the flu shot which will cost $28, it is uncertain whether Medicare will cover the pneumonia shots which will be $40

Meet Martin Dunaway, Manager of Randalls
Martin Dunaway Martin Dunaway has worked for Randalls for 20 years. He started as a bagger and has worked his way up through several stores. He is married with two children, ages four and 12 weeks. He was born in Conroe and still makes his home there.

For those of you who haven't been to Randalls in a while, Martin has made changes. Randalls now features Rancher Reserve meats which are all choice cuts rather than the lower grade select cuts offered by other stores. They have an expanded soup bar where you can serve yourself and pick up some fresh crusty French bread at the same time. He has a new pulled pork sandwich in the deli and when you buy a dozen roses you now get 14.

Increase Your Mosquito IQ
It is always a good idea to refresh your knowledge about mosquitoes and how to protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses. The Community Associations has posted information on their Web site.

Mosquito Information

Wine Tasting at The Beverage Shoppe
The Beverage Shoppe is holds wine tastings every Friday from 2pm to 8pm. Contact the store at (281) 363-2772 for more information.

The Beverage Shoppe

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