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Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter July 10, 2006
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-- Next GMVA Meeting: Monday July 17th, 7PM
-- Shopping Center Revitalization
-- The New Wal-Mart on Sawdust
-- Noise Wall for Glen Mill
-- Are you Interested in Saving the Lives of Dogs and Cats?
-- Introducting David 'Nick' Ransford, Manager of The Beverage Shoppe
-- National Night Out is August 1
-- Shopping Center News


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Next GMVA Meeting: Monday July 17th, 7PM
The next GMVA meeting will be Monday, July 17th at the Community Services Building.

A draft agenda for the meeting has been posted on the Web site. Among the issues being discussed are the noise wall, revitalization of the shopping center, new committee assignments for the GMVA Board, and the selection of a new board member.

See the agenda

Shopping Center Revitalization
Two articles on this subject appeared in this week's Villager showing the efforts that are being explored and developed. The stores appear to be picking up some more traffic already. In each newsletter we will be featuring details about stores in the center and how they provide you with unique services.

On the Web site, information on specials at the stores will also be appearing. Check it out. This issue features David 'Nick' Ransford, the manager of the Beverage Shoppe.

Villager article

The New Wal-Mart on Sawdust
The company has been silent since our last meeting. We have asked them to provide the detailed drawings and site diagrams they showed during their presentation on June 19th. Will keep you posted as things develop.

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Noise Wall for Glen Mill
Sound Fighter Systems, a company that makes absorptive noise barrier walls is scheduled to make a presentation to the WCA Board at its July 26th meeting. If you are interested in this subject, we suggest you attend.

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Are you Interested in Saving the Lives of Dogs and Cats?
The Montgomery County Commissioners are considering stopping the funding and removing support from the animal shelter Adoption Center program. Maggie Warner says we really need to let them know that as residents of the county, this is an important and valuable service that needs to survive. If you would like to support this effort you can sign the petition posted on the Web site and mail it, or give her a call.

Maggie Warner
2 Whisper Lane
The Woodlands, TX 77380
281.292.9602 (tel/fax)
http ://


Introducting David 'Nick' Ransford, Manager of The Beverage Shoppe
The Beverage Shoppe is one of the oldest stores in the center having been there for at least 20 years as far as anyone can remember. Nick is a Californian originally from San Diego and it took him some time to find Texas.

A resident of Grogan's Mill, he is also the leader of the shopping center's merchant's association. He has worked for the Beverage Shoppe since 2004. He loves his job and can usually be found in the store.

He is knowledgeable about wines and spirits and will gladly make recommendations to fit your needs. He can special order for you, assist in planning a party or make a special party basket. He has set up in the store a rack of his choice 'value priced' wines. One of them is the Barefoot label (merlot, cab and chardonnay) which he sells at $2.99 The same wine was being offered at the big supermarket in the mall for $5.89

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National Night Out is August 1
The 23rd Annual National Night Out will be August 1 from 5 - 8pm. Residents are encouraged to organize a block party or visit their village park to meet public safety officials. Grogan's Mill Village's park is Sawmill Park.

Registration and Supply Day for National Night out parties will be held on Friday, July 14, from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. at the Community Associations Building, 2201 Lake Woodlands Drive.

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